Joaquim Lopes’ wife shows twins and talks if the family will increase

Marcella Fogaça shows the babies with Joaquim Lopes and talks about plans to increase the family

The singer and songwriter Marcella Fogaça revealed that she is enjoying a few days only with her husband, the actor Joaquim Lopes. The two, who live in Rio de Janeiro, traveled to the city of São Paulo for professional commitments.

Since the birth of the twins Sophia and Pietra, who completed one year of life in March, the famous mother reports on her social networks her routine in the best royal maternity style. the wife of Joaquim Lopes talks with his followers, exchanges experiences and exciting reflections on this first-time mothering, already in double dose.

During her stay in São Paulo, Marcella Fogaça revealed that she intends to return to the stage this year. The artist opened the question box for internet users. When asked when she would return to singing, she said: “Look, I don’t have a date yet, but for sure this year. The show is already super round. Then the next steps are really starting to rehearse and debut!”.

A curiosity did not escape the followers: “Do you consider the possibility of having more children? (In the future)”. Marcella Fogaça did not dodge and replied in the can: “Sometimes yes. But then I wake up five times at dawn and then sometimes I don’t”, she replied, making faces and mouths in a very good mood.

While mom and dad Joaquim Lopes work, the identical twins are in the care of their godmother. Marcella shared a photo in which Pietra and Sophia appear seated in their armchairs and have fun at the time of the baby food. “Dinda Roberta with an eye on the chicks for the dads to work in São Paulo”, said the songwriter that even with professional tasks, she doesn’t fail to take a peek at the calf.

In São Paulo, in addition to a lot of work, the couple took the opportunity to enjoy the tour and record the architecture and gastronomy of the metropolis that never stops.

Joaquim Lopes' wife talks about having more children

Instagram reproduction Wife of Joaquim Lopes, Marcella Fogaça,
talk about having more children

Joaquim Lopes' wife shows the twins

Instagram reproduction Joaquim Lopes’ wife, Marcella Fogaça, shows the twins while in SP

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