Jô’s wife, former Corinthians player, confirms the end of the marriage – Zoeira

the name of Jo, former Corinthians player, reverberated on social media this week due to an alleged betrayal in the relationship. This Thursday (16), Cláudia Silva, until then the athlete’s wife, announced the end of the relationship on social networks.

The crisis in the marriage surfaced after the column Leo Dias revealed that a lover of the player was pregnant. Maiára Quiderolly used social networks to confirm that the child she is expecting is from Jô.

Claudia vented on social media saying that she did everything to save her marriage. The woman says that for a while she wrote a beautiful story and asked not to talk to her anymore about the topic of betrayal.

“I tried to be strong as long as I could, I fought for my marriage As far as I could, I’m not feeling like a failure, on the contrary, I’m feeling victorious because I wrote a beautiful story, I have two beautiful children, I got married, I did everything right. I did everything a woman dreams of doing and he lost. I didn’t miss anything. So, please, don’t talk about this subject with me anymore”, said Cláudia.

During the week, Jô even denied being the father of the child of influencer Maiára Quidérolly. Days later, the athlete changed his speech and made himself available to perform the paternity test.

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