Justice seizes PCC assets and accountant linked to Lula – Notícias

The Justice of São Paulo decreed the seizure of assets of members of the PCC and of an accountant linked to former President Lula. The 1st Court of Tax Crimes, Criminal Organization and Money Laundering determined the blocking of R$ 40 million in properties and buses of people inside the gang and accountant João Muniz Leite, responsible for Lula’s Income Tax.

Muniz Leite takes care of accounting and shares a room with companies owned by PT’s son, Fábio Luís Lula da Silva, known as Lulinha. A complaint from the Civil Police of São Paulo points out that he is suspected of laundering money from organized crime. The accountant and his wife reportedly won 55 times in federal lotteries and shared the value of one of the prizes with a drug dealer linked to the PCC.

The request for confiscation of assets, endorsed by the State Public Ministry of São Paulo, was made by delegate Fernando Santiago. In addition to João Muniz Leite, he hits drug dealer Anselmo Becheli Santa Fausta, Cara Preta, considered one of the PCC’s main drug suppliers, and his partner, Silvio Luiz Ferreira, “Cebola”, head of Sintonia do Progresso, the sector that takes care of the domestic trafficking maintained by the faction. Santa Fausta was killed in December 2021 in an ambush on the east side.

The measure of Justice reached 250 buses of UPBus, the bus company bought by Santa Fausta supposedly with the money laundered in the lotteries. UPBus has a R$ 660 million contract with the City of São Paulo and takes care of 13 bus lines in the east side. In addition to Santa Fausta, Cebola, who is on the run, is on the company’s board. The hijacking of the buses, and not of the company’s accounts, served to prevent the action from paralyzing the operation, harming users.

As shown by Estadão, the accountant is suspected of being the “operator of a complex money laundering scheme through Federal Lottery prizes”. According to the final count by the Civil Police, the amount laundered by him in lottery prizes reached R$ 40 million. Of the total, R$ 16 million went to Muniz Leite and the rest would have been to Santa Fausta. On several occasions, the values ​​of the bets exceeded the prizes obtained, with the exception of two prizes of R$ 16 million in the Mega Sena.


Muniz is an accountant in the family of ex-president Lula to the present day, although the PT is not the target of the investigation. The registration documents of the most recent company created by Lulinha, LLF Tech Participações LTDA, bear the logo of JML Assessoria Contábil e Fiscal. The company is headquartered in the apartment where the former president’s son resides. The property is in the name of businessman Jonas Suassuna, who was Lulinha’s partner and formal owner of the Santa Bárbara ranch, in Atibaia, the property for which Lula was prosecuted in Lava Jato.

João Muniz’s lawyer, Jorge Delmanto, told Estadão that he will “access the process”, and then comment on the investigation. “I only advance that the Accounting company has been operating for more than 30 years, with more than 60 employees and an average of a thousand active clients, being a company focused on professionalism, legality, unblemished and with an ethical posture in all cases”, he said.

The report also sought Lula’s advice and his defense and that of his son. Lawyer Cristiano Zanin Martins, who defends Lula, said he did not know if Muniz still provides services for the PT. Criminalist Fábio Tofic, who defends Lulinha, did not comment. The defense of the Santa Fausta family and the other members of the PCC investigated by Denarc was also not located by the report.

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