Learn how Trindade breaks the pact with the devil and gets the key to free him from the deal: “my soul was free”

Gabriel Sater as Tiberio of the Pantanal (Photo: Reproduction)
Tridande in the scene of the soap opera Pantanal (Photo: Reproduction)

In wetlandshown by Globo at 9 pm, Trinity (Gabriel Sater) She has a big secret about her past. Rumors that the outsider has a pact with the devil are indeed true. The revelation will come to light during a conversation between him and Irma (Camila Morgado). In fact, he will still state how he can get rid of the agreement with the capiroto.

“When he made his deal with me, the cramullion locked my heart. And I say that I would give the key in the hands of a princess with an angel face who would pass my way… And that I had to give my life into her hands… If she accepted, my soul would be free from the deal…”, will reveal Trinity.

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“I can’t believe such a thing… Maybe accept nonsense like that. Look… I don’t believe these nonsense you make up! And I don’t allow you to take those liberties you’ve taken with me. And I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear any of this… Now, if you’ll excuse me,” Irma will answer.

It is worth remembering that Irma’s relationship with Trindade will not have a happy ending. She will end up getting pregnant with the pawn, but he will disappear into the world. That way, the woman will have a free way to live next to José Lucas (Irandhir Santos). He will assume the child and will have the blessing of Zé Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira).

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