Lívia Andrade makes the Band show go down the drain: “Cancelled”

Lívia Andrade has a new band project canceled

Lívia Andrade would be in band soon with its new program, Música Mix. However, the production went downhill after the famous displeased the channel’s executives, coming to give a show of stardom when realizing that the attraction was collapsing, reported the website Notícias da TV.

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Also according to the publication, Música Mix was left aside after Lívia Andrade was not pleased with the recording of the pilot. The broadcaster still thought about giving a second chance to a re-recording, however, some unforeseen events made it difficult to continue production.

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Due to the difficulties in approving the attraction, Lívia Andrade decided to save the program, in an attempt to reverse the situation. So, she ended up firing the program director and put herself in the leadership position.

Attraction already had a sponsor

Música Mix already had the sponsorship of one of the best known beer brands in the country. In addition, the program still had the encouragement of the owner of Audiomix, Marcos Araújo, Lívia’s current husband.

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The Band was contacted and reported that the program had never been formally announced. Lívia Andrade, in turn, said that the problem for the Band’s approval was an unforeseen event with the sponsors, commercial agreements and financiers, taking any blame from her.

Lívia Andrade during participation in Caldeirão (Photo: Reproduction)
Lívia Andrade during participation in Caldeirão (Photo: Reproduction)

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