Lula’s accountant was a member of the PCC and laundered money in the lottery

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João Muniz Leite has been an accountant in Lula’s family for over ten years| Photo: Playback / Facebook

A trusted accountant to Lula’s family for over ten years, João Muniz Leite is being investigated by the São Paulo State Department of Narcotics Investigations (Denarc) on suspicion of money laundering by the criminal organization PCC.

Muniz Leite and his wife, according to a report by Estadão, won 55 times in federal lotteries last year alone. In one of the awards, he shared a prize of R$ 16 million with drug dealer Anselmo Becheli Santa Fausta, known as Cara Preta, one of the PCC’s main drug suppliers, murdered last December. Denarc asked the Justice for the arrest and kidnapping of Muniz Leite’s assets. The arrest was denied, and no decision has yet been made on the second request.

Muniz Leite made income tax returns for former President Lula between 2013 and 2016 and provided accounting support in the defense against Lava Jato accusations. Furthermore, his office address, in the Pinheiros neighborhood of São Paulo, is the same where Fábio Luís Lula da Silva, known as Lulinha, son of the former president, maintains three companies.

Lula’s accountant would have won the lottery R$34.1 million on six occasions, making high bets, often at a loss. The suspicion is that the prizes served to heat up the illicit money. The report reveals that drug dealer Santa Fausta used part of the money won in the lottery with Lula’s accountant to buy, in partnership with five members of the PCC, the bus company UPBus, which has a R$600 million contract with the São Paulo City Hall. Paulo on 13 lines on the east side.

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