Lumena cries after discovering feces placed on the door of the house: ‘I can’t take this anymore’ – Entertainment

Psychologist and DJ Lumena Aleluia revealed that someone left feces on her doorstep.

Lumena began by venting about not being able to stand being a victim of attacks any longer: “I will no longer be silent in the face of so many aggressions happening in my life, I can’t take it anymore”, she wrote on Instagram.

In tears, the artist gave more details: “I woke up today with feces on my door. Two bags of feces on my door. I’ve cried a lot, I said I would try to talk to you without crying, but it’s very difficult.”

Lumena also said that she informed her team about what happened: “The lawyer is already being contacted, my manager is already aware. I live alone and this is what makes me most shaken. I live in São Paulo at the moment, I have a support network very big, but the fact of living alone and waking up to this scene has disrupted me a lot”.

She explained that it was the subsíndico where she lives who woke her up to alert her about the case. “It was bizarre. I was sleeping when the sub-manager woke me up honking. When I opened the door, there was a bizarre scene, two bags with a lot of feces. I can’t tell if it’s a dog or a human. .

Lumena said he didn’t know the motivation for the attack: “I’ve never fought with anyone here, I’ve never argued with anyone, in fact I barely stop at home.”

In an official note, the company responsible for managing Lumena’s career said that measures will be taken: “The artist’s legal department has already been contacted and, we believe that soon, those responsible will be identified and will bear the consequences of their actions”.

Read the full note below and see Lumena’s outburst.

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