Lumena is woken up with a bag of feces on her apartment door

Former BBB Lumena, 31, used her Instagram stories this afternoon to tell her followers that she woke up with a bag of feces at her door. She also said that she is not well and will stay away from social media.

“I’m just coming here to let you know that I’m going to be off for a bit. I woke up today with feces on my door, two bags of feces. I’ve cried a lot, I said I would try to talk to you without crying but it’s very difficult. lawyer is being called, businessman is already aware, I live alone and that’s what shakes me the most”, began the ex-BBB.

“I live in São Paulo at the moment, I have a very large support network, but the fact of living alone and waking up to this scene has disrupted me a lot. I don’t even know what to think or say. justification for you who give me affection every day”, Lumena continued.

I was sleeping, the sub-manager woke me up by honking to alert me. When I opened the door, it was there. A bizarre scene, two bags, lots of feces, you can’t tell if it’s from a dog or a human, but whatever, I’ve never fought here, I’ve never argued with anyone, in fact I hardly stop at home.
Lumen Hallelujah

“I’m going to Salvador, I’m going to take a break, I’m not well and I can only say this to you”, said the former BBB, also saying that she was advised to share what happened with her followers.

Lumena reaffirmed, at the end, that she is not well and that she had not yet been through a situation like this.

“On the street, I never received any retaliation, people hug me, give me a new chance to present other versions, but nothing like this had ever happened, that shook me like this”, he concluded.

splash contacted the ex-BBB advisor and, if there is any position, the text will be updated.

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