Machine gunman in armored BMW hit by more than 80 rifle shots was killed with shots to the head, chest and arms

Machine gunned down by rifle shots while driving an armored BMW X 6 car in Nova Iguaçu, Baixada Fluminense, Tiago Barbosa, 36, was shot mainly in the head, chest and arms. The finding was made by coroners during an examination carried out on the driver’s body, this Thursday, at the Legal Medical Institute, also located in the same municipality. During the investigation, at least three projectile fragments were found in the victim’s corpse and collected by the experts. A report showing the trajectory of the shots to the body should be sent in the next few days to the Baixada Fluminense Homicide Police Station (DHBF).

Most of the shots were grouped between the driver's window and the door handle.
Most of the shots were grouped between the driver’s window and the door handle Photo: Marcos Nunes/Agência O Globo

The police unit is responsible for investigating the crime, which is investigated by the police as execution. The luxury car, which has an estimated market value of over R$800,000, was taken to the DHBF yard, where it will undergo a complementary examination. There are at least 83 perforations produced by rifle in the vehicle. Most of them are grouped between the car’s left side window and the driver’s door handle (there are at least 50 bullet marks in this stretch of the bodywork). This would indicate that the shots would have been fired from a short or medium distance.

The forensic examination can clarify points such as the exact number of shots that went through the car and even how many pierced only one side of the BMW. Besides, of course, possibly indicating the number of weapons and calibers used in the murder. Tiago Barbosa was murdered this Wednesday in Bairro da Luz, Nova Iguaçu. The DHBF investigates the information that two hooded men were the perpetrators of the murder. They allegedly got out of a vehicle following the victim’s car and fired the shots. The audio of a person, who would have watched the crime and which circulates on social media, reports that he saw the BMW with the left front wheel crooked, when the car was traveling through the Via Light overpass, indicating that Tiago would still have tried to flee from a possible persecution.

About 300 meters later, at the height of Rua Professor Joaquim Cardoso de Matos, near a traffic light, the assassins reached the BMW and fired. The body of Tiago Barbosa was buried, this Thursday, at Jardim de Mesquita Cemetery, in the Edson Passos neighborhood, in Mesquita. DHBF teams will try to collect security camera footage that may have caught the execution. According to the Civil Police, the case is being investigated in secrecy. The DHBF still tries to raise the possible motivation for the execution.

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