Manchester United has already defined Andreas Pereira’s future after Flamengo’s ‘refusal’: “There is an offer”

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Flamengo did not want to pay the amount, to definitively acquire midfielder Andreas Pereira, with that the player returns to Manchester United

Maxi Franzoi/AGIF - Andreas has a definite future at Manchester.
Maxi Franzoi/AGIF – Andreas has a definite future at Manchester.

The ball market is getting hotter and hotter. In Brazilian territory, the window is scheduled for July 18 to reopen. As usual, Flamengo is one of the teams that most intends to shake up this period. Rubro-Negro is directing the return of Everton Cebolinha to Brazil, in a 5-year contract.

However, this week, more specifically this Wednesday (15), the confirmation of another movement stirred the crowd. The Flamengo board made the decision not to exercise the purchase option in the contract with Manchester United by midfielder Andreas Pereira. The player is heading back to the Reds.

However, not for long. This is because according to the journalist Fabrizio Romanospecialist in the international ball market, the English have no plans for the player and must search for a new team for Andreas for the duration of this window. There are some Brazilian teams that have already expressed interest before coming to Flamengo and according to Venê Casagrande, Manchester already has proposals for the athlete in Europe.

Manchester United is open to selling midfielder Andreas Pereira this summer, who will return from loan after Flamengo does not want to exercise the purchase option for 10.5 million euros (R$ 55.4 million)“, said the journalist. Flamengo was interested in keeping the midfielder, but not in the agreed molds.

Before giving up on buying Andreas Pereira, Flamengo tried to increase the loan until December, but Manchester United refused and even claimed that they have an offer to sell the midfielder this window.with values ​​higher than those agreed in February with Fla (€10.5m)“, said journalist Venê Casagrande.

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