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Published 06/16/2022 13:15 | Updated 06/16/2022 13:21

Rio – Former director of Humor at TV Globo, Marcius Melhem uses a series of messages exchanged between him and comedian Dani Calabresa to try to defend himself against accusations of sexual harassment and harassment, for which he has responded in court since 2020. Columnist Ricardo Feltrin , from “Uol”, published the conversations, dated from 2016 to 2019, which appear in the investigation file.

Also according to the columnist, in his defense, Dani Calabresa says that he “pretended not to notice the excesses” and that he had “feelings of fear, apprehension and disgust”. She claims that she “feigned normalcy to preserve her career” and accuses Melhem of harming her at Globo.

In the testimonies, also according to Feltrin, the former director of Humor admits that he “gave up” to Dani Calabresa after her and Marcelo Adnet’s separation in 2017, and denies having harassed the comedian or having done anything aggressive or harmful against her. . He also claims that Calabresa returned messages and sent him erotic texts.

According to Feltrin, the first exchange of messages in the process is dated November 27, 2016. Dani Calabresa thanks Melhem for having nominated her for a Globo comedy show. “Thank you, you brought me to work, but you have no idea how happy I am at Zorra. Two years of very happy work! THANK YOU”, wrote Dani Calabresa. “My love. I thank you for the trust. I’m very happy with your nomination. It’s just beginning. Let’s go together”, replied Melhem.

In June 2017, there is another exchange of messages mentioning nudes. “Thank you a thousand times for remembering me (heart emoji) best invitation”, said the comedian. “I love you without you sending me a nude, look how pure! It’s ours! I’m eternally grateful for trusting me. And I’ll make you very happy. Still at Globo. It’s just beginning”, replied Melhem.

The former director uses an exchange of specific messages to defend himself and say that the two kissed in a consensual way at a party. “Hey Dani! Do you remember what we said yesterday? lol? this message proves that we would exchange messages the next day (little heart). I loved all the crazy stuff from yesterday’s party (emoji of a dancer and a ‘prohibited’ sign for under 18). I’ll tell you what you don’t remember (wink). Kisses, Marcius (which isn’t cold at all)”, said Melhem.

“My God good morning lol (monkey emojis covering their eyes). I don’t remember what we ‘said’, just the 7 GINS I drank? And some kisses (monkey, heart, drops)”, replied Dani.

“Hahah good morning. As I don’t drink, I remember a little more. The kisses and a few more things. I loved all the madness yesterday. Do you understand why I don’t stay at parties? I get drunk together. Kiss Maíra. Guys, I was planning a little party/videoke at home next Saturday, the 11th. Let’s go?”, said Melhem.

“I’m leaving Zorra (little monkey) ahahah. But I pack my friend Maira in bubble wrap and send it to your house (wink)”, replied Dani, referring to a friend who would also have kissed Melhem at the party.

Wanted, the two declined to comment, as the process remains under judicial secrecy.


Dani Calabresa made the complaint against Marcius Melhem in December 2019 and the broadcaster investigated the case internally. The Department of Artistic Development and Monitoring (DDA) closed the case in 2020. Dani then turned to the Civil Police and the station’s compliance department.

There is currently an investigation underway at DEAM (Delegacia Especial de Atendimento à Mulher) in Rio; a civil action brought by Melhem against Calabresa for moral damages, and another action by the comedian against the former director for having exposed the exchange of messages between them. The three processes run in secrecy of Justice.

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