Medina and Italo Ferreira fall in the semi; Filipe Toledo goes to the final

Filipe Toledo is the representative of Brazil in the final of the Punta Roca stage, in El Salvador, for the World Surfing Circuit. He faces the American Griffin Colapinto, who surpassed Gabriel Medina in the semifinals.

Filipinho beat fellow Brazilian Italo Ferreira by 17.10 to 13.20 in the semi and secured the decision.

The heat was choppy, with good waves on both sides. Filipe Toledo, however, amended an incredible sequence of maneuvers, with two aerials, and managed to score 9.70, the best in the championship, which practically ended Italo’s chances.

“I am tied upanother final against griffin. Difficult to pass by Italo, which was also surfing very well. In the end, I managed to find that good wave and I’m very happy”, said Filipe after qualifying for the final.

With the victory, Toledo remains the leader of the world ranking and will wear the yellow lycra again in the stage of Brazil, in Saquarema, which starts next Thursday (23).

Medina takes a turn at the end and is eliminated in the semi

For very little the final was not 100% Brazilian. Before the dispute between Italo Ferreira and Filipe Toledo, Gabriel Medina was defeated by the American Griffin Colapinto in the final minutes of the heat.

In the beginning, the sea did not offer clear wave options for surfers, which made the heat to be restarted. Griffin got the first good move and won 8.50, putting pressure on the Brazilian. Medina reacted with two aerials, with scores of 5.50 and 7.67, and went on to lead the semifinals.

In the final stretch of the decision, the American needed at least 4.67 to win. The last few minutes were surrounded by anticipation, as time was up and Griffin’s last maneuver still hadn’t been evaluated. He got 4.80, beat Medina and secured the decision.

Gabriel Medina was eliminated by Griffin Colapinto in the semifinals of El Salvador - Thiago Diz/World Surf League via Getty Images - Thiago Diz/World Surf League via Getty Images

Gabriel Medina was eliminated by Griffin Colpinto in the El Salvador semifinals

Image: Thiago Diz/World Surf League via Getty Images

Medina still managed a good wave in the last few seconds, but he couldn’t come back from an aerial to change the 5.50 note. The final score was 13.30 to 13.17 for the Brazilian’s opponent.

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