Mother and baby die in serious accident in the North of Minas – Gerais

Fire Department helicopter took truck driver to Santa Casa de Montes Claros (photo: CBMMG)

A woman in her 30s and her son, about 1 year old, died in a serious accident early this Thursday afternoon (16/6). A pickup truck collided with a passenger car on the MGC-135, in Engenheiro Navarro, in the North of Minas.

According to the Fire Department, the truck’s rear wheel came loose while the vehicle was in motion. The driver lost control and entered the lane in the opposite direction, colliding head-on with a Toyota Corolla.
Mother and son, who occupied the Corolla, died on the spot. The driver, the baby’s father, was attended by an ambulance from Samu.

The truck was occupied by five people. The driver, a 53-year-old man, was rescued by helicopter to Santa Casa de Montes Claros, where he is intubated in serious condition.

A woman and her two children were taken by ambulance to a hospital in Bocaiva to receive medical care. The fifth passenger in the vehicle did not need to be attended to.
Military personnel from Montes Claros were called around 12:45 pm this Corpus Christi holiday to do relief work.


Traffic was completely blocked on the stretch, where there was a traffic jam. A firefighter helicopter carried out the rescue. The images provided by the corporation show many cars on the track, making access by land difficult.

Watch the moment firefighters arrived by helicopter at the scene of the accident:

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