Motorcycle meme with Tom Cruise goes viral, Bolsonaro does ‘fact-checking’ and takes a wave from the left-wing media

The insistence of fake news checking portals maintained by traditional media outlets, which with each new ‘meme’ with President Jair Bolsonaro, rush to deny and present ‘the evidence’ of their findings, seems to have ‘infected’ the president himself. .

This time, he himself decided to go ahead and publish a message on social networks ‘communicating’ that an image of him during the recent motorcycle ride in Orlando, in which he appears accompanied by a Hollywood actor, is not real.

The ‘photo’, which has already gone viral, features Bolsonaro riding a motorcycle and, by his side, none other than Tom Cruise on a powerful motorcycle, in action in the film Top Gun: Maverick, released this year and in theaters.

– The actor’s participation in the motorcycle ride held in the United States is not valid. It’s a photomontage, wrote the president on the networks.

The irony is a lady nudged at agencies that like to be embarrassed, as in the recent ‘check’ carried out by Estadão, in a montage in which Bolsonaro appears alongside mega-entrepreneur Elon Musk on a speedboat ride, clearly a joke, which even would need to be ‘unraveled’.

Jair Messias Bolsonaro’s good mood is getting more and more refined… to the despair of the left!

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