MSI announces Liberator, programmable pedal for gamers

THE MSI is betting on a new peripheral for the gamer audience. christened of MSI Liberator, the product is a platform that works like a programmable pedal. You can configure it to take screenshots, run macros, act as an accelerator in racing games, or any other action you have in mind.

The platform accommodates three programmable buttons. In addition to the central button, an obvious position for the foot, the user can also program actions for the two side buttons. According to MSI, the response time between the action and the result on the PC is 100ms.

The product’s exotic mode doesn’t end there. The company mentions that it is possible to combine up to four MSI Liberator, so you have 12 programmable buttons. Imagine it sprawled across the floor, almost like a guitar pedalboard.

Such boldness needed the support of the public to gain space. MSI Liberator was announced as a campaign option for funding in the popular Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. The result? An impressive success.

The goal was to raise $5,000. It’s already over $128,000, and there are still more than 20 days left for the fundraising campaign to close, the final amount will be even higher. Apparently there are many people wanting to include the foot for computer interaction.

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The peripheral has RGB lighting, a slight inclination (8 degrees) and a certain weight that guarantees that the Liberator will not be moving on the surface on which it was placed. There is software integration that allows the user to assign functions to the pedal’s dedicated buttons.

price and availability

A unit of MSI Liberator has a suggested price of US$ 159, it is also possible to purchase the kit with US$ 279. These values ​​are special, capturing the moment of the funding campaign. In a second step, with the independent launch, prices should be higher.

Deliveries will begin in December this year.

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