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Musk met with Twitter employees and indicated layoffs

Musk met with Twitter employees and indicated layoffs

Elon Musk had a virtual meeting with Twitter employees on Thursday, 16, and revealed his plans if he completes the $44 billion acquisition. Among the plans are the indication of layoffs, the intention to make the network closer to TikTok and, as expected, relaxation in the rules of moderation.

About moderation, the billionaire hinted at what he intends to do. “People should be able to say outrageous things within the law, but those speeches shouldn’t necessarily be amplified,” he said, according to US media. He also said he was in favor of users paying to be verified – this should be used to prioritize how the platform ranks what people see.

according to New York Times, Musk told investors he plans to cut about 900 of the company’s 7,000 employees. The matter came up at this Thursday’s meeting and Musk did not deny the plan. He said, “Right now, costs are greater than revenue. This is not a good situation. The company needs to be healthy.” American outlets reported that, on Twitter’s internal networks, the mood was pessimistic about the future.

About the work model, Musk said that the home office can remain at the company – earlier this month, Musk threatened to fire Tesla employees who refused to return in person. “It wouldn’t make sense to fire someone who works remotely is doing a great job. I’m not in favor of crazy things,” said the billionaire.

Regarding the revenue plan, the businessman reinforced the idea of ​​having a model based on advertisements and also subscriptions. In the last month, questions have also emerged about Musk’s desire to maintain the company’s model. He, however, reinforced the need for advertisers to be of “good quality”. Musk revealed a desire to reach 1 billion active users on the service, almost five times the current mark (229 million, according to the most recent balance).

One of the ways would be to make the social network more similar to TikTok. according to New York Times, Musk praised the Chinese social network for not being “boring” and keeping users “entertained”. “We can put Twitter on the path to being interesting,” he said. In addition to TikTok, Musk cited WeChat, China’s communication superapp. “There is no equivalent of WeChat outside of China. In China, you basically live on WeChat. If we can recreate that on Twitter, it will be a success,” he said.

After about an hour of meeting, however, Musk did not confirm whether he will go ahead with the purchase plan.

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