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Buy Now, Pay Later, is a buying and selling modality that is growing in Brazil. In fact, it has gained a lot of supporters.

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The number of people with a negative name is a serious and real problem in Brazil. With each passing day, the number of those who are having problems dealing with their financial commitments grows more, due to all the instability faced by the country. In fact, what we have experienced in recent years has only complicated the situation. And that’s why the “Buy Now, Pay Later” was born. Below, understand how the modality works.

Buy Now, Pay Later: How does it work?

In short, theBuy Now, Pay Later is a buying and selling modality that is growing in Brazil. In fact, it has gained many fans and the method has been successful in the digital environment.

It is from the installment plan, one of the most traditional forms of shopping, that the North American method BNPL, Buy Now, Pay Later, is gaining territory. It is estimated that this will help many shopkeepers.

And so, one of the great advantages of the new method is the fact that it has no connection with a banking institution. With this, it differs from cards, and from some other credits.

To be clearer about this installment plan, there is still no universal way of doing it. Therefore, each trade is creating its own rules. However, basically, the buyer pays a part of the value of the product in cash, and pays the rest of the debt later.

Due to the similarity of Buy Now, Pay Later with traditional installment plans, the connection is made. However, it is worth mentioning that, unlike how installment plans and cards operate, payment is not made through specific institutions. Therefore, it is the customer and the merchant who together choose the best date to pay.

What made this method work?

In short, one of the main reasons for theBuy Now, Pay Later If it works, the customer no longer has to deal with any type of interest. And you will not even be prevented from buying by a financial agency.

In addition, the merchant gets controlled and safe ways to sell without having to go through a lot of bureaucracy. Even some businesses use the method to create a bond of trust with customers.

So, the more the customer buys in this way, and honors the payments, the more they know that the relationship with those customers is working. However, it is clear that it will still take some time for this to take hold in Brazil for good.

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