One dead and two wounded in Alabama church shooting – 06/16/2022 – World

One person died and two others were injured this Thursday (16), during a shooting at a church in Birmingham, Alabama, US state. According to the American press, the suspect in the attack has already been arrested.

The local police were called around 18:20 (20:20 GMT). The two wounded in the attack were taken to a hospital in the region – their state of health is uncertain.

The Episcopal Church of St. Stephen, where the shooting took place, had scheduled an event for the same time as the incident.

The shooting comes on the same day that Republicans and Democrats met to draft a bipartisan bill on gun control. The text has been debated for days, but this Thursday Republicans would have expressed doubts about a quick approval of the bill.

According to the Reuters news agency, one of the main Republican negotiators in the talks, Senator John Cornyn, left the meeting on Thursday pessimistic about a possible agreement between progressives and conservatives. Democrats, on the other hand, believe the legislation could be passed even before the two-week recess, which begins on the 4th.

“Getting a deal like this is hard. It comes with a lot of emotions. It comes with political risk for both sides. But we’re close enough to get there,” said Senator Chris Murphy, the Democratic party’s chief negotiator.

The text needs at least 60 votes to pass, and the US Senate is currently divided between 50 lawmakers from each party – that is, there can be no defections among Democrats and at least ten Republicans must support it.

From what has already been announced, the text should propose increasing the stringency of background checks for firearms buyers under the age of 21, increasing the repression of cases in which people with a clean record buy and transfer weapons to third parties who are not could legally obtain them, support state crisis intervention orders, and distribute resources to increase school safety.

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