Palmeiras scores four goals in seven minutes, beats Atlético-GO and opens up an advantage at the tip of the Brasileirão

Palmeiras took the lead in the 2022 Brazilian Championship. On Thursday night, Verdão defeated Atlético-GO 4-2, at Allianz Parque, for the 12th round of the Brazilian Championship.

The hosts even came out behind on the scoreboard, with an own goal from Luan, but they looked for a comeback with four goals in an interval of just seven minutes. Zé Rafael, Gustavo Gómez (twice) and Gustavo Scarpa went to the nets. In the final stage, there was still time for Churín to take it out for the Goiás.

With the result, Alviverde went to 25 points, three more than the vice-leader Corinthians, who tied with Athletico-PR this Wednesday. The Dragon entered the relegation zone. The team is in 17th, with 13 points.

Palmeiras returns to the field now on Monday, at 8 pm (Brasília time), when they face São Paulo at Morumbi, for the 13th round of the Brasileirão. Atlético-GO, in turn, hosts Juventude on Sunday at 6 pm.

The game – Even acting away from their domains, the visitors started the game going up. With only two minutes left, Luiz Fernando shot from the left and rolled to the middle of the area. Jorginho arrived hitting, but was stopped at the right time by the defense.

With the scare, the principals tried to impose themselves. At seven, Piquerez received in the middle and finished from the edge of the area, forcing Ronaldo to work for the first time. In the sequence, Scarpa took a risk from outside and almost scored a great goal.

From then on, the game took a turn for the worse. Verdão continued to hover around the rivals’ area, but found it difficult to find a space. On the other hand, the Goianos sought to explore counterattacks. And that’s exactly how the first goal of the night came out.

With the clock ticking 28 minutes. Jorginho took advantage of the cross from the left and headed in for a great defense by Weverton. On the rebound, Churin returned the ball to the small in the area. In an attempt to get away, Luan ended up amending a volley against his own equity, opening the scoring for the Dragon.

Shortly thereafter, however, the defender made up for his mistake by starting the play for Alviverde’s equalizing goal. At 40. Veron received a great launch from shirt 13, and found Zé Rafael in the area. The midfielder, then, hit the first to leave everything the same.

And it didn’t take long to turn around. Two minutes later, Scarpa took a corner from the left, Luan deflected it at the penalty spot and Gustavo Gómez completed it to the back of the net.

Even with the advantage, Palmeiras did not take their foot off the accelerator. At 43, Veron shot from the left and rolled to Scarpa, who arrived with a first strike to score the third. At 47, the fourth came out. After Scarpa’s cross, Murilo headed for a great defense by Ronaldo. On the rebound, however, no one stopped Gómez from scoring one more.

2nd period

At the return of the break, Verdão continued creating chances to expand. At seven, Dudu gave Danilo a beautiful touch in the area. The steering wheel passed through two defenders and hit, but ended up being stopped at the right time.

At 14, the net even came to swing once more, with Breno Lopes, but the attacker was in an offside position and the goal was disallowed. Next, Piquerez took the leftovers and hit it beautifully. The ball skimmed the post and was lost across the baseline.

With 27 minutes, Arthur Henrique stopped Wesley’s counterattack with a foul and was sent off by the referee. The Palestinian striker would go free in front of the Dragon’s goal.

Even with one less, Atlético-GO discounted. After a free kick, Weverton hit it poorly and Churín took the opportunity to test for the empty goal and discount at 32. The reaction, however, stopped there. In the final minutes, Palmeiras only controlled the result to confirm the victory.


Place: Allianz Parque Stadium, in São Paulo (SP)
Date: June 16, 2022 (Thursday)
Time: 18:00 (from Brasilia)
Referee: Ramon Abatti Abel (SC)
Assistants: Kleber Lúcio Gil (FIFA-SC) and Henrique Neu Ribeiro (SC)
VAR: Emerson de Almeida Ferreira (MG)
Yellow cards: Danilo, Zé Rafael (Palmeiras); Churin (Atlético-GO)
Red card: Arthur Henrique (Atlético-GO)

GOALS: Zé Rafael, at 40 of Q1, Gómez, at 42 and 47 of Q1, Scarpa, at 42 of Q1 (Palmeiras); Luan (against), at 28 in the 1st quarter, and Churín, at 32 in the 2nd quarter (Atlético-GO)

PALM TREES: Weverton; Luan (Mayke), Murilo, Gustavo Gómez and Piquerez; Danilo (Gabriel Menino) and Zé Rafael; Dudu (Wesley), Gustavo Scarpa (Atuesta) and Gabriel Veron (Breno Lopes); Ron.
Technician: Abel Ferreira.

ATHLETIC-GO: Ronaldo; Hayner, Edson Felipe, Ramon and Jefferson (Arthur Henrique); Marlon Freitas (Lucas Lima), Gabriel Baralhas and Jorginho (Léo Pereira); Wellington Rato, Churin and Luiz Fernando (Airton).
Technician: Jorge.

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