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In the next chapters of Pantanal, Guta (Julia Dalavia) and Marcelo (Lucas Leto) will meet again. And in the most unexpected way possible! If y’all wanted a dramatic break like that, these two are going to give us a lot of tension soon!

Farewell…but not so much

Deciding to leave, Guta packs her bags and asks Bruaca (Isabel Teixeira) to warn Tenório (Murilo Benício) that she is leaving. Behold, the farmer will return to his house accompanied by Marcelo, his son from São Paulo who had an affair with Guta.

“What’s that, Tenório?!”, Bruaca will say, frightened by their arrival.

“Listen, Maria… I…”, begins Tenório.

“You must be Dona Maria…”, Marcelo will introduce himself, friendly.

Bruaca will be shocked by the surprise visit, while Guta and Zefa (Paula Barbosa) will arrive in the room with their bags in their hands.

“Look Maria… This one is the…”, Tenório begins.

“Marcelo?!”, Guta will complete, shocked.

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For those who don’t remember, Guta and Marcelo got involved in São Paulo, at the beginning of the second phase. Moments before going to bed, Guta discovered that the young man is Tenório’s son – that is, his half-brother. Remember the story:

Guta reveals secret to Jove

Guta reveals secret to Jove

Will Guta really go away? Don’t miss Pantanal news!

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