‘Pantanal’: Zefa will discover the case of Alcides and Bruaca and will blackmail him | come around

Realizing that Zefa noticed the movements around the house, Bruaca will go after the maid and ask her to say nothing to Guta (Julia Dalavia) and, much less, to Tenório. The housewife will confess that she slept with Alcides:

“You don’t have to ask my daughter anything… And you don’t even have to make that face… It was a weakness of mine…”

Zefa will still remember Levi (Leandro Lima), saying that he noticed the movements.

“You’re so excited, Zefa!”, will attack Bruaca.

“We have an eye to see and an ear to hear…”, the maid replied.

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In exchange for silence, Zefa will ask to be taken to a viola circle at José Leôncio’s (Marcos Palmeira) farm. Bruaca evaluates the proposal as something banal, and doesn’t pay much attention.

“At night, a pirigo walks through these woods. Only if you go by car… ‘Still, you run the risk of going wrong”, Bruaca reflects, saying that she will send someone to accompany her.

“What if the boss chiá?”, Zefa will ask.

“He don’t need to know!”

“Yeah… At this point you’re right: there are certain things that it’s better for him not to know!”, concludes Zefa.

Bruaca (Isabel Teixeira) will be cornered — Photo: Globo

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