Petrobras ignores government and should announce fuel increase today

The Board of Directors of Petrobras approved, this Thursday (16/6), an increase in the price of gasoline and diesel. The meeting that decided the adjustment took place during the holiday, in an emergency call. The values ​​should be announced this Friday (17/6).

Although this type of measure is not under the responsibility of the council, the body’s president, Márcio Weber, convened the meeting to try to put an end to the crisis that is taking over the matter. The fact that, according to Petrobras, prices are below the international market made the board take the decision.


For almost 100 days, the state-owned company has not increased gasoline, while the last diesel readjustment came 37 days ago. According to the Brazilian Association of Importers and Fuels (Abicom), the lag in relation to fuel in the foreign market is up to 18% for diesel and 14% for gasoline.

With the stalemate between the demands of the government and Congress – which want the lowest prices – and the market – which insists on the policy of import parity prices (PPI) –, the council bet on the increase.

Most participants stated that it is the board’s remit to make this type of decision and that it would be in the bylaws. Generally, fuel prices go through a committee that includes the company’s president, José Mauro Coelho, and the directors of Finance and Commercialization and Logistics, Rodrigo Araújo and Cláudio Mastella.

Bolsonaro’s Criticism

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) again criticized the increases granted by Petrobras in a weekly live, on Thursday (16/6), and again attacked the state-owned company, its directors, minority shareholders and the readjustment in the price of fuels that the company is about to announce.

“I hope that Petrobras does not want to increase diesel and gasoline in these days when we are negotiating with Parliament, with tremendous goodwill from parliamentarians,” said the president, referring to the tax cut on diesel and gasoline, which was approved. by the two houses.

The country’s representative read a news item stating that Petrobras’ profit margin would be up to six times higher than that of foreign oil companies. Then he increased his tone of voice: “Petrobras is struggling to make money. Diesel is at the top, due to taxes and also due to the price charged by Petrobras, which is struggling to make money”.

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