Petrobras sets an extraordinary meeting to discuss ‘prices’

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Petrobras, Márcio Weber called an extraordinary meeting today at 4 pm. The invitation, sent to 10 other members of the group, says the meeting will address the issue of “price increases.”

The details of the event’s agenda were not disclosed, but the expectation is that a proposal to hold the fuel price readjustment will be presented.

Although diesel and gasoline are on sale in the country at prices below international prices, Petrobras is under pressure from President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) not to raise prices before these products are exempt from taxes by the government.

Yesterday, Congress approved a bill that sets a ceiling of 17% for the ICMS (tax on the circulation of goods and services). But the text needs to be sanctioned to take effect.

With the rise of oil in the international market, the appreciation of the dollar against the real and fuel prices below those practiced in the international market, importing companies are unable to compete with Petrobras in the sale of gasoline and diesel. On the other hand, supplying the domestic market is also at risk, as only Petrobras cannot supply it safely.

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