Pro-Trump conspiracyist fights for office to oversee elections

THE Tuesday night was primary election night for the Republican Party in four states: Maine, North Dakota, South Carolina and, crucially, Nevada. The state whose capital is Las Vegas has become one of the most important in presidential elections, leaning now to one party now to the other (Joe Biden won the state in 2020 by just two percentage points), and is now preparing for some tense midterm elections (or ‘Midterms’).

Nevada is important to the 2024 White House race and control of the Senate and House of Representatives – all Democrats in the state are wary of Joe Biden’s drop in popularity – so the victory of a conservative Conspiracyist and staunch supporter of Donald Trump for the secretary of state race has become a cause for concern for the left.

Jim Marchant, who accused the 2020 election of being a Biden rigging, won the Republican primary for secretary of state — a key job in the 2024 antechamber, as he is the secretary of state who oversees and certifies the outcome of elections, sets the rules of suffrage, processes voter registration and also oversees issues related to campaign finance.

This makes a possible Marchant victory a nightmare for Democrats. In 2020, Marchant lost a race to be congressman and, following in Trump’s footsteps, accused the election of being a fraud. In these ‘Midterms’, the candidate promised that, if elected, he will ban voting in electronic machines, voting by mail and early voting – and, at the peak of the pandemic, postal and early voting were promoted by Democrats. , and these two forms of voting leaned considerably towards Joe Biden (which prompted even more suspicions of voter fraud by Republicans).

The pro-Trump candidate (who, as it happens, was never directly sponsored by the former president, despite following him faithfully) is also known to be a supporter of QAnon, a series of ultra-conservative conspiracy theories that argue that the government, the media, media outlets, Wall Street and Hollywood are controlled by pedophiles and Satan worshippers, who control a network of child sex trafficking.

The conspiracy theory gained traction in 2020, during the pandemic and the presidential election, and conservative social media bubbles that ran QAnon posts became an important means of mobilizing Trump supporters for the Capitol invasion.

Jim Marchant will now fight Francisco Aguilar, the Democratic candidate, in the November elections.

The night turned out to be full of victories for Donald Trump, who has used these midterm elections to measure his influence in the Republican Party. Trump and his supporters remain confident that the former president will run again for the White House against Joe Biden, despite a large part of the party preferring a change in leadership from the Conservatives.

One of the major factors that has contributed (or not) to Donald Trump’s support of candidates is their opinion of the 2020 election. are supported by the former president, while Republicans who challenge Trump’s undemocratic leanings are the target of an intense campaign of personal attacks.

On Tuesday, eleven candidates defending the former president’s lie won their primary election, including Nevada Senate candidate Adam Laxalt and Nevada governor candidate Joe Lombardo, two men who will star in two of the elections. most important of the ‘Midterms’ (creating a strong pro-Trump aura in the territory).

By contrast, only three candidates who said outright that the 2020 election was clean and fair have won their primaries.

The US midterm elections are held on November 8.

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