QN90B 2022, Samsung’s new gaming TV lineup. It is worth it?

Samsung launched this Tuesday (14) its new line of smart TVs aimed at the gamer audience. It’s the QN90B 2022, with four sizes, designed to suit both PC players (43 and 50 inches) and console players (55 and 65 inches).

tilt received the 50-inch model and tested the various features that promise to improve the gaming fans’ experience. After almost a week of evaluation, the conclusion is that the device is good, but not essential for a gamer setup.

The television delivers on the promised 4K resolution, but its audio system impressed far more than any image – and something tells me that wasn’t Samsung’s goal.

Samsung QN90B 2022 TV, aimed at the gamer audience - Disclosure/Samsung - Disclosure/Samsung
Image: Disclosure/Samsung

the gamer part

One of the coolest points is the exclusive menu for games. Called a “gaming hub”, it makes it easy to configure the sound output and picture pattern.

There is a pre-programmed style for each game genre, such as sports, FPS (first-person shooter, like “Rainbow Six Siege”) and RTS (real-time strategy, like “Civilization”). And the refresh rate can reach up to 144Hz for 43″ and 50″ models and 120Hz for 55″ and 65″.

Samsung TV QN90B 2022, aimed at the gamer audience, with the game Fortnite - Thaime Lopes/Tilt UOL - Thaime Lopes/Tilt UOL

Samsung TV QN90B 2022, with Fortnite game

Image: Thaime Lopes/Tilt UOL

Although impressive, there are almost no games at this resolution. In my tests with PS4 and PS5, with games with a refresh rate of 120 frames per second, there was no difference even on the 50″ TV. It was a positive experience, but not a surprise, because I already have a TV that reaches 120Hz.

The gamer menu function seemed promising even from June 30th, when Xbox will launch Xbox Cloud Gaming on Samsung TVs. For those who missed the announcement, Microsoft said that players will be able to access the complete Game Pass catalog via the app on the brand’s TVs, without having to have a console or PC.

That way, it will be much more economical for the player to assemble his setup: instead of spending on a state-of-the-art console and a TV, just buy the latest item from Samsung’s 2022 collection. In this case, and in this case only, the QN90B is worth choosing. Otherwise, any 4K HDR TV does the job just as well.

Xbox Game Pass - Disclosure/Microsoft - Disclosure/Microsoft

Xbox Game Pass, in the interface for Windows 11 to

Image: Disclosure/Microsoft

movie sound

While I was unimpressed with the images, the audio was another story. Right after setting up the TV (about 15 minutes, which I found a little excessive), I played some videos on YouTube to test if everything was ok. Even the platform not delivering the highest possible audio quality, you can already feel the power of Dolby Atmos.

Used to using headphones, I expected to miss them in games like “Fortnite”, in which sound is of utmost importance for gameplay. To my surprise, the TV exceeded my expectations and I was able to play quietly with just the built-in speakers.

Samsung QN90B 2022 TV, aimed at the gamer audience - Disclosure/Samsung - Disclosure/Samsung
Image: Disclosure/Samsung

As I imagine that almost no one would buy a TV solely and exclusively for gaming, I think it’s important to point out that the audio remained excellent in tests with other types of entertainment: listening to music, watching videos or watching superhero movies. The QN90B never sinned and I felt immersed in every activity.

At the model presentation event, I was able to test the TV with the Samsung soundbar and a Logitech headset – both offered with the QN90B as a combo during pre-sale. While they do their job very well, I believe consumers will be happy to know that no other audio equipment is needed to have a complete experience.

Voice control and assistant

With a good range of apps available, the “smart” part works very well. It only takes a few taps to access the app store, set up your accounts and enjoy everything with peace of mind.

Bluetooth is fast and faithful. If you turn off the TV, but don’t disconnect the bluetooth from your cell phone, for example, it turns on automatically when you play some music on your smartphone, continuing playback.

The control, minimalist, made me suffer a little. It took me a while to figure out what to press and when, but the one-button voice assistant functionality made me feel like I was in some “Jetsons” episode (and that’s a good thing).

To buy or not to buy?

Samsung TV QN90B 2022, aimed at gamers, with the game Resident Evil Village - Thaime Lopes/Tilt - Thaime Lopes/Tilt

Samsung TV QN90B 2022, with Resident Evil Village game

Image: Thaime Lopes/Tilt

The 43-inch model comes out for R$5,699.05. The 50 cost BRL 6,174.05. the 55, BRL 7,124.05. And the largest, 65, reaches BRL 10,829.05.

If your goal is to increase your gamer setup, think about it. If you already have a high-end console, chances are you also already have a television that meets its graphics needs. Even if you want a new one, there are other monitors and TVs on the market that already fulfill this demand very well.

As I said before, I see the QN90B as an excellent option for those who don’t want to spend on a console or PC, but want to take advantage of the Xbox service on a TV designed for that.

Now, if you are thinking of using the TV for other entertainment as well, it is an excellent choice. The high quality audio added to the 4K image will make the experience of movies and series much more pleasurable.

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