Rafael Zulu shows his 8-month-old baby walking for the 1st time and delights

Rafael Zulu celebrates 8 months of his son, Kalu, with Aline Becker and moves

The actor Rafael Zulu published a beautiful picture of her son, Kalu, who is only eight months old. Fruit of your relationship with the personal trainer Aline Becker, the artist appeared taking the heir for a walk. In the caption of the publication, the drooling daddy all excited celebrated the puppy’s eight months. “8 months of my buddy, what a nice kid. Be happy, my son!”, said the artist.

In addition to little Kalu, the actor is the father of 15-year-old Luiza, the result of his old relationship with Maria Clara Mesquita. Recently, Rafal Zulu paid a beautiful tribute to her eldest daughter, who had her birthday in January. But, the party only took place in May, due to the number of guests.

In the caption of one of the publications that the actor shared, he expressed how proud he is of his daughter. “Today is the 19/01th and this date, which I have tattooed on me, brings many certainties to my life… One of them is that I discovered true love and that I gained this love in the form of life. Your life. Today, my first love turns 15. A movie plays in my head. And what a beautiful movie I’ve seen all these years”, he began.

“Filhotoca, I want you to know here too that my life has a greater meaning because 15 years ago I held you in my arms for the first time, we looked each other in the eye, we created a connection and to this day I feel it!”, declared himself Rafael Zulu. The famous kept telling his daughter that he would always be her best friend and that he would always be around to help her.

Every drool, the artist, whenever he can, publish photos of his children. In another record, Rafael showed the construction of his mansion. The youngest son of the heartthrob stole the show by appearing on the walk with the dads, at the work. Fans and admirers filled the famous feed with many praise for the little one and the family.

Rafael Zulu declares himself to his 8-month-old son Kalu and moves followers

Instagram reproduction Rafael Zulu enchants followers by celebrating the 8 months of his son, Kalu, with a beautiful statement

Rafael Zulu publishes click in honor of his daughter Luiza's 15th birthday and impresses

Instagram reproduction Rafael Zulu celebrates the 15th birthday of his daughter Luiza and moves internet users

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