“Reminds me when Chelsea made a proposal for Neymar”; € 35 MI becomes subject and ‘bomb’ takes Santos by surprise


The next transfer window promises to be hectic for Brazilian football, especially at a time of great revelations.

Photo: Wagner Meier/Getty Images |  Neymar for the Brazilian national team
© 2021 Getty Images, Getty Images South AmericaPhoto: Wagner Meier/Getty Images | Neymar for the Brazilian national team

Before leaving Santos, Neymar was harassed by European giants. Chelsea is one of the teams that probed the ace, at the time he was parading his football through Vila Belmiro. Ultimately, the Brazilian ace ended up being traded to Barcelona, ​​where he made history alongside Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez.

Marcos Leonardo, Kaiky, Ângelo, among others, are some of the jewels from Santos today. All those mentioned in the report are already monitored by the Old Continent. The last two, even, have purchase priority linked to Barcelona. Peixe is known for being a storehouse of great jewels and has not been different from the usual.

The ball of the moment for Newcastle is the 17-year-old southpaw. This Friday morning (17), the amount that Premier League millionaires would be willing to pay for Menino da Vila was revealed. According to information from journalist Fabiano Farah, the English can pay 35 million euros (R$ 187.5 million at the current price) for the striker.

The news fell like a ‘bomb’ in Alvinegro Praiano’s fans. Quickly, there was a lot of repercussion on the web: “Just don’t forget to warn Barcelona for God’s sake”, joked an internet user. Another went further and recalled: “This reminds me of when Chelsea made a proposal for Neymar in 2010. Not that ngelo has the potential of Neymar, but he could be worth much more than that in 1 or 2 years”, he wrote.

Ângelo will only come of age on December 21st. Only from this date can the right winger be involved in an international transfer. At this point, it can even be sold. However, he will continue at Alvinegro until he is 18 years old to be able to work abroad. The contract between the parties is valid until December 2024.

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