“Ron has to be his bank”; Palmeiras fans surrender to attacker on the web and suggest change to Abel

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With Veiga’s return, there is doubt as to who of the front quartet will lose the spot

Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF - Fans suggest striker instead of Rony
© 1904Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF – Fans suggest striker instead of Rony

With yet another great performance, the palm trees beat Atlético-GO 4-2. The goals of the duel were scored by Gustavo Gómez (twice), Gustavo Scarpa and Zé Rafael. Diego Churín scored the two goals of the Dragon. One of the main highlights of verdão in the match was forward Gabriel Verón, who has been playing on the left and has given two assists.

On the web, many Palmeiras fans highlighted the good moment of the young striker, who has been gaining space and morale with Abel Ferreira in recent matches. The athlete has been starting, but his future among the starting 11 is uncertain with the return of Veiga and when Merentiel and Flaco Lopez become available. However, for some he deserves to be a starter on the left of Palestra’s attack.

“A little bit after this Palmeiras avalanche: apart from Dudu, Veron is the winger who makes the best decisions in this squad. Having him play frequently, as he is now, is very important. Very talented”analyzed the Verdão sector manager at GE, Thiago Ferri.

“Now that we have a 9, or rather 3, ron can never turn left. This vacancy is already Veron’s. Rony has to be Veron’s bank,” wrote one user. “Gabriel Veron did very well. The boy gave two assists and was one of the great escape valves for Palmeiras”highlighted another Palmeirense.

“I read here on twitter people saying that Veron didn’t play anything. The guy who talks nonsense like that never followed the Palmeiras base, which is not a demerit, but he could at least have watched the under-17 world cup”said a Verdão fan about the young talent.

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