Russia says it killed nearly 2,000 foreign fighters in Ukraine – News

The Russian military said on Friday that some 7,000 “foreign mercenaries” from 64 countries had arrived in Ukraine since the start of the conflict and nearly 2,000 had been killed.

“Our lists as of June 17 include mercenaries and weapons experts from a total of 64 countries. Since the start of the special military operation, 6,956 have arrived in Ukraine, 1,956 have already been eliminated,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement. According to authorities, another 1,779 have already left Ukraine.

The Russian ministry also stated that Poland is the main European country of origin of the fighters, followed by Romania and the United Kingdom, in addition to a significant number coming from the United States, Canada and Georgia.

Since the start of Moscow’s intervention in Ukraine on February 24, thousands of foreign volunteers, most of them Europeans, have arrived in the country to help Kiev’s forces.

Russia labels these fighters “mercenaries”, using a pejorative term that implies their motivation is financial.

Pro-Russian separatists condemned three of these fighters, two Brits and a Moroccan, to death.

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