Simone sings alone for the first time after Simaria’s departure: ‘Maybe I exaggerated’

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Simone and Simaria (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

Simone Mendes took the stage this Thursday (16) for the first time after the removal of his sister from the duo, simaria, the stage for the Tomato Festival in Paty do Alferes, Rio de Janeiro. The countrywoman commented on missing her sister and confessed that she may have taken too much care of her. The information belongs to Who.

“Joy to be with you tonight. You know that Simaria had to be removed from the stage. I confess to you that it is very bad for me to be here without her. As much as I may have exaggerated in the care because brother takes care, brother loves, brother protects”, said Simone.

At the show, a celebration was scheduled for Simaria’s 40th birthday, celebrated this Thursday, but with the singer’s absence, the cake was placed on stage and Simone pulled a “congratulations to you” to her sister, and didn’t hold back the tears.

“For health reasons, having to be without my other half is very difficult for me, but I want to leave on your birthday a record that despite our differences, you are the most important thing in my life. I am able to give my life for your life. I hope you are watching this video and that you welcome my love”, said Simone emotional.

Earlier, Simaria announced, through a statement from her team, that she would take a break from her career to take care of her own health.

“RSS Produções Artísticas e Entretenimento, the office responsible for managing the careers of Simone and Simaria, announces that Simaria Mendes, due to medical reasons, will not be able to meet the schedule of appointments (shows). In a message to contractors and fans, she says to Simaria: ‘My loves, singing is everything I love most, but right now, I need to get away from the stage to take care of my health. Certain that we will meet again soon, be the second voice of my sister, Simone, in my absence. We’ll meet again soon’. All Simone&Simaria commitments will be fulfilled by the artist Simone Mendes”, says the note.

On Wednesday (15), Simaria commented, in an interview with journalist Leo Dias, from the website Metrópoles, about the troubled relationship he had with Simone.

“Everything I’m going to do is criticized by Simone. Do you have any idea what it’s like to spend 20-odd years of your life being told to shut up and not be yourself?”, said the singer, referring to the fight that the two had backstage at Programa do Ratinho, on SBT.

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