The items in your car that may no longer exist in the next few years

Every year new tools and items arrive for carsmany of them providing more safety, practicality and leisure for drivers.

Because of this, many of these old parts end up going into disuse, such as engine, air conditioning and windbreak components. See now which items in your car may no longer exist in the coming years.

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analog panel

You know those panels full of buttons we used to see on older cars? Although many people prefer these models, little by little they are being reduced in the market. You can even see that fewer and fewer buttons appear on the panels, but this is just the beginning. According to experts, keys will now be indispensable in entry-level models, while the most advanced will increasingly be able to rely on screens, such as Tesla cars.

Manual gear

This change is cause for celebration for many people, especially those who hate the famous half-clutch. In Brazil, this is a type of transmission that is still very common in entry-level models, but has been progressively replaced by automatic models. In other countries, such as the United States, the overwhelming majority of cars already have these changes.

Rear traction only

It may seem strange, but major car production brands such as BMW are increasingly adding front-wheel drive to their new models. Now, what was once the rule, especially in low-production and sporty vehicles, seems to go the way of exception in the coming years.

Large aspirated engine

Classic cars like the Camaro have the famous naturally aspirated V8 engines, which makes them very popular among car lovers. However, the vehicle production market seems to be moving in the direction of “getting rid” of these parts in new models, replacing them with more viable options, especially for the sake of space savings.

That’s because the big manufacturers look for smaller sectors, with half the cylinder and displacement, but still provide the same torque as the large aspirated engine. All this through electric motors.

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