“They put their dick in me”; Young Sandro returns to the agenda this Thursday and Dracena vents at Santos


Interview of the executive of Peixe to TV Santa Cecília was revealing this Thursday and showed the trend of the Club in the ball market

Photo: Pedro Ernesto Guerra Azevedo/Santos FC - Sandro did not have his contract renewed by Peixe at the beginning of the season
Photo: Pedro Ernesto Guerra Azevedo/Santos FC – Sandro did not have his contract renewed by Peixe at the beginning of the season

Edu Dracena’s interview this Thursday (16) with TV Santa Cecilia it was revealing. The football executive saints opened the game about the Club’s hiring policy, explained the need to sell players to rebalance the finances and also gave his position on the recent departures of Meninos da Vila.

Captain do Peixe at Copinha 2022 – who was runner-up -, right-back Sandro did not have his contract renewed by the board. This generated a lot of criticism from the football department, including Dracena. Another who did not stay was Daniel Guedes, from the same position on the field and who saw his deal being finalized in March.

For the position, Santos brought Auro, who played little in the season and still hasn’t convinced the fans. “I believe in him. Auro is often questioned, but we signed him thinking it will work. There are moments. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll give him a hand on the paddle. But he needs tranquility and confidence. All the players who came were in consensus. We got together, defined the name and passed it on to the president”, opined Dracena.

See what the executive said about the departures of Sandro and Guedes:

“They think that every Menino da Vila will become a star. The field doesn’t lie. Daniel Guedes had a contract until December and we needed a right-back. I can’t put him to play without renewing. contract. Daniel earned much more than Auro, it wouldn’t be cheaper. And a player that we were unsure whether he would perform or not, given that he went to another club and is not playing [Cuiabá]. They stuck their dick in me over Sandro, he left and he’s not performing. People have to understand that not every Menino da Vila will be a starter. If you have a condition, you will stay. If not, go to another club. These are things that we have to see and make a decision. We can make mistakes and I will apologize if I make mistakes. But when he gets it right, nobody says he got it right. We follow and see evolution. It may be that Auro does not play anything and has a contract until December. Doesn’t work? Go another way. And we only pay a lower salary than Daniel Guedes”, vented Dracena.

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