Tunay Antunes was passionate about motorcycles and played accordion

The body of model Tunay Antunes, 30, was found this Thursday morning in the Prainha region, in the west of Rio de Janeiro. He had been missing since Tuesday (14).

Antunes was born in Tubarão, Santa Catarina, and had moved to Rio de Janeiro a year ago. He worked as a model, but also had a background in medical radiology, with a specialization in computed tomography, and a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, having completed his graduation in 2021.

The model was also a music enthusiast and, on his social networks, he posted videos playing the accordion.

Furthermore, according to his publications, his true passion was motorcycling. His page has several photos of his motorcycle, a BMW S 1000 RR, which costs an average of R$ 120 thousand.

Tunay Antunes was dating fellow model Joci Selinke, 39, with whom he shared a passion for motorcycles. The two exchanged words of love on social media.

The accident

The model was on a rock fishing near the Roncador viewpoint, on Grumari beach, next to Prainha, when it was swept away by a large wave. Antunes was with his girlfriend, who managed to save herself.

The woman said to UOL who is “very shaken and unable to speak [com a reportagem]”. “God, give us strength because mine is over”, posted on Instagram stories this morning. The Fire Department reported that it had been searching the region since it was informed about the disappearance.

Last Monday (13), the rough sea came to invade the boardwalk of the edge of Leblon, in the south of Rio, and left a trail of sand in the place. The Navy issued a hangover alert with the possibility of waves of 2.5 to 3 meters high for the edge of Rio de Janeiro between Sunday (12) and Tuesday (14).

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