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Thaila Ayala and her husband, actor Renato Góesreproduction

Published 06/16/2022 10:31

Rio – Actress Thaila Ayala made an outburst on Instagram, on Wednesday night, and regretted the fact that some women sent nudes to her husband, actor Renato Góes, who recently played the character José Leôncio in the first phase of “Pantanal “. Thaila said that many people send photos of their private parts to the actor and that little do they know that she also sees everything.

“You, woman, who sends a picture of your ass, your genitals, your chest to married men… I swear, whoever can answer me, my curiosity is true, really, I’m dying to understand what’s going on goes through your head”, began the actress.

Thaila also mentioned the disrespect of these women towards her, who is in the puerperium. “If she doesn’t respect herself or if she thinks that’s okay, mash it up, because everyone is each one, their body, their rules. Now, you disrespect another person who has nothing to do with it, who didn’t disrespect you , you disrespect a marriage, a woman who, in detail, is in the puerperium. I get so embarrassed to be of the same race sometimes. Little do they know that I see everything, that I know everything”, she said. Thaila Ayala and Renato Góes are parents to Francisco, who is only six months old.

In the caption of the video, Thaila continued to regret this type of behavior. “What makes a woman put herself in this role? And more than that, disrespecting another woman, a marriage, another woman with a six-month-old baby, in the puerperium, is very bizarre. can they destroy a family with that? Because I’ve seen it happen up close”, he said.

Actress Débora Nascimento, who separated from José Loreto in 2019 after discovering some compromising messages, supported Thaila. “You really saw it happen up close,” she said in the comments. “A lot is said about empathy, but little is done. If we don’t help each other, who will? Let’s respect each other ladies!”, wrote Fiorella Mattheis. “I also wanted to understand! I also see absurdities and my mouth is open!”, said the ex-BBB and ex-participant of “A Fazenda” Flávia Vianna.

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