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Virgínia Fonseca didn’t mince words to expose Zé Felipe

Last Wednesday night (15), the digital influencer Virginia Fonseca participated in PocCast and opened the game about her marriage intimacies with the singer Ze Felipe. She revealed that she is not a person who really likes affection, but that the countryman does. In this way she admitted that she has no patience for the lover’s displays of affection in the daily routine.

“Zé Felipe is super cute, affectionate, when he’s at home it’s all the time! He stays on top of me all the time, kissing me, but I don’t stay with him, because I don’t have the patience,” said Virgínia Fonseca.

Virgínia Fonseca also confessed that her baby, Maria Alice, pulled the mother: “She won’t let me kiss her! I even posted a story that went viral, I went to kiss her, she was excited, I swear to you! She hates, she’s full of don’t touch me! Take the lap? She starts doing everything she can to get down! She doesn’t like it, it’s just like me”.

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Virgínia Fonseca at PocCast (Photo: Reproduction/YouTube)
Virgínia Fonseca at PocCast (Photo: Reproduction/YouTube)

1 year of marriage

In March 2022, Virgínia Fonseca and Zé Felipe celebrated 1 year of marriage and the influencer paid a beautiful tribute to her husband on social media. He also declared himself to his beloved.

“Today we complete 1 year of marriage and I just have to thank God for putting you in my life. Thank you for being just the way you are, I’m sure it’s just the beginning. My love, I love you forever, more and more every day,” Zé Felipe posted on Instagram.

On her profile, Virgínia Fonseca wrote: “We are 1 year married today! Of love, partnership, complicity, respect, laughter and work! Passing by to say that I love you so much, my cat, thank you for everything you do for me, for always believing and supporting me in everything I ever dreamed of!”.

“Today I’m here in SP launching something that took months of work, months of dedication and today you have another show, which also worked hard to get where you are! I always say that only love is not enough to keep 2 people, respect, complicity, partnership are key points to have a good relationship and thank God we are all this together, with only 22 and 23 years old!”

“I thank God every day for our family and for putting you in my life, you came to add and today thank God we are fulfilling all our dreams together and with 2 more lives that emerged from ours”, concluded Virgínia Fonseca.

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