went bankrupt! Remember some artists who lost everything

Remember some famous people who went bankrupt

Remember some famous people who went bankrupt

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The lack of financial planning is one of the reasons why some people lose all their fortune and get into debt.

And cases like this also happen with famous people, who are often dazzled by the fame and all the money they earn due to their work in the public eye, and end up going bankrupt.

The list of artists who lost everything is long, so we list some names who lost all their heritage after the height of success and currently needed to live with a lower standard of living or even rely on the help of other people to live. Check out!

Santos City

Cida was the first woman to win Big Brother Brasil and at the time took home the prize of R$500,000. The amount, quite relevant in 2004, helped the ex-BBB to buy her own house, in addition to helping some relatives.

But Cida lost all her fortune after being a guarantor for a former advisor and ended up being sued in court for non-payment. Due to this situation, she lost her luxurious home in Mangaratiba. Currently, the former BBB she lives with her husband and children in a simpler property.

Marcos Oliveira

Famous for playing the character Beiçola in the series ‘A Grande Família’, Marcos Oliveira recently revealed that he is experiencing financial difficulties due to the covid-19 pandemic, and was counting on the help of a friend. The actor even asked for help to pay rent, eat and also to get surgery. Tatá Werneck was responsible for resolving the artist’s health plan issues.

Dolabella data

Actor Dado Dolabella became known due to his characters on TV, but also due to the various controversies he was involved, among them, accusations of physical aggression against some girlfriends.

Winner of the first edition of Record’s reality show ‘A Fazenda’, Dado was arrested in 2017 for failing to pay alimony. The actor paid more than R$190,000 and was released. After accumulating a debt of more than R$420 thousand, he was declared bankrupt.

Dede Santana

After being successful with ‘Os Trapalhões’, Dedé Santana faced a major financial crisis and in 2017 he was completely out of money. Due to the situation, the comedian needed to count on the help of family and friends to pay his bills.

Sergio Hondjakoff

The eternal Cabeção de ‘Malhação’ has already gone through serious financial problems. The actor even moved to the United States and worked as a waiter in an attempt to earn money, but he did not stay there for a year and returned to Brazil. It is worth remembering that Sérgio Hondjakoff recently had an abstinence crisis and even threatened his father with death.


Dhomini also won the R$ 500 thousand prize after winning the Big Brother Brasil 3. After the reality show, he decided to make some investments, but ended up going bankrupt after they didn’t work out.

Rayanne Morais

Ex-wife of the Latin singer, Rayanne Morais became known to the public after participating in the reality show ‘A Fazenda’, on Record. The artist was unable to stabilize herself financially and in 2016 she faced serious financial problems, even receiving financial support from friends to pay her debts.

Maurício Mattar

Heartthrob in the 91’s, Maurício Mattar was involved in several controversies that ended up with his money. The actor was sued by his daughter due to non-payment of child support, in addition, he was convicted after running over and hitting a motorcycle courier, causing his assets to be pawned.


Singer Renner lost all his money after separating from Rick, with whom he had a duo. The artist explained that everything he earned was used to pay pensions, so he couldn’t have a savings account.

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