What opens and what closes on the Corpus Christi holiday?

Today, June 16, is celebrated the day of Corpus Christi. Although many believe that the date is a national holiday, it is only an optional point. In this way, the companies themselves decide on their opening or closing.

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In addition, the break was anticipated last year in some cities, such as the capital of São Paulo. The goal was to create a “holiday” to avoid agglomerations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Some municipalities have adopted similar measures in relation to this and other dates, such as Black Awareness Day. However, most did not opt ​​for anticipation, and the situation in each location must be checked by the worker.

Operation during Corpus Christi

The Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban) reported that financial institutions do not work this Thursday. Self-service terminals and digital channels are still available, and customer service returns on Friday, 17.

The Brazilian stock exchange, B3, is also closed and will return tomorrow. The same goes for post offices.

The opening of high street stores and shopping malls is optional. In São Paulo, SPTrans buses run with reduced hours, according to the schedule for Saturdays and holidays.

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