Why can the new C3 displace Renault Kwid and Fiat Mobi in Brazil?

Very soon Stellantis should launch the Citroen’s new C3 in the Brazilian market. The automaker had already presented its new vehicle manufactured in Rio de Janeiro. However, some new news made some consumers even more anxious, as the price should be very competitive. If speculation comes to fruition, Kwid and Mobi may have their days at the top of sales.

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New C3 tends to displace direct competition

With a mini SUV footprint, the new C3 can be worth less than R$70,000. This would leave the market for the Renault Kwid and Fiat Mobi shaken in the national territory. In addition, the car would enter the cheapest between 0 km.

It is worth remembering that the current price of Kwid and Mobi already exceeds R$ 65 thousand. Far from any value that could be considered popular. In addition, the interior space and the overall design are quite small and simple compared to what you would expect from a 0 km car at this cost.

What can the new C3 offer?

The hatch comes with an SUV footprint to boost Citroën’s sales. After all, SUVs are the most sought after by Brazilian consumers. All industry research points to the popularity of SUVs.

The brand’s most affordable option will be manufactured in Porto Real, Rio de Janeiro. Incidentally, the platform of the new C3 will be the basis for the construction of the Peugeot 1008, called Project 44.

It is worth remembering that the automaker took three models from the line last year. The C4 Lounge sedan, the C3 Aircross and the C3 hatch were discontinued in Brazil. However, the little C3 is very similar to the Kwid in appearance and price.

An image released on the internet revealed what the new C3 should look like. The air of sportiness is present and guarantees the most aggressive and refined look. In Brazil, this type of design has generated good results lately. The subcompact SUV is based on the CC21 project and was developed in India.

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