Will fuel allowance stay for 2023? understand the proposal

The Federal Senate rejected the proposal to create the gasoline allowance, a benefit intended for Brazilian drivers. The amendment, authored by Senator Eduardo Braga, received 37 votes in favor and 33 against, but needed 41 supporters to pass.

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The proposal was to pay an allowance of R$100 to R$300 for self-employed individual transport drivers, drivers or pilots of small boats and owners of mopeds (ACC) or motorcycles up to 125 cc.

Even if it had been approved, the benefit would possibly only be paid in 2023. According to the Ministry of Economy, there is no longer any space in the Union budget to create a new social program this year.

The objective of the aid, according to Baga, was to immediately minimize the effects of successive increases in fuel prices. “This new reality has mainly harmed the poorest and, in an accentuated way, workers in the cargo transport sector, small boat drivers and the autonomous private individual professional”, he justifies in the project.

Can the benefit come out in 2023?

Despite the zero chances of releasing the gasoline allowance for 2022, there is still the possibility of creating an exclusive fuel allowance for truck drivers. At the end of May, the economic team signaled that it can offer a voucher for the category.

Payments should be in the region of R$ 400, with a cost of R$ 1.5 billion for the public coffers. No text has been officially presented, but it may come out soon amid pressure for a solution to the country’s high fuel prices.

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