Woman buys dog and, after two years, is surprised by her true identity: “I’m a little afraid”

Buying a pig in a poke is a saying that a lot of people have heard, but have you ever thought about taking a bear thinking it was a dog? That’s what happened to Su Yun, a resident of Yunnan province, China. Two years after the purchase of her doggo – theoretically a Tibetan mastiff – she was surprised by the news that he was, in fact, a bear.

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A resident of a province in China bought a bear thinking it was a dog (Photo: ChinaNews.com)

According to the British newspaper Daily Mirror, the woman began to suspect the true identity of her pet thanks to the amount of food he consumed: “A box of fruit and two buckets of noodles every day“. “The older he grew, the more he looked like a bear. I’m a little scared of them“, revealed. After two years, the “dog” was already weighing about 113 kilos.

Another peculiar feature of the animal was the fact that it was able to walk on its hind legs only. Suspecting it was some other animal, Su Yun finally contacted the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Center staff. Upon arriving at the scene, professionals identified it as an Asian black bear – a species that is even threatened with extinction. He was then taken to an ecological sanctuary in the region.

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Rescue team was called to remove the bear from the scene (Photo: ChinaNews.com)

Also known as the moon bear, the species is obviously not domesticable. However, it costs thousands of dollars in the illegal market. This is because the meat of this type of bear is used in the local cuisine, and its bile is used in traditional Chinese medicine. The latter, by the way, is the subject of debates in the country, since, even legalized, the extraction of the secretion involves a painful process while the animal is still alive.

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