8 things pregnant women can’t do; check the list

THE pregnancy it is a unique and special moment for many women, as they are generating a life. And, because they are bringing a person into the world, these women rethink about routine habits – changing them, if necessary – and put their health and the baby’s health first, to prevent the development of this new life from being affected.
Knowing this, we list 8 things pregnant women can’t do. Check out.

1. Exercise without medical advice

Physical exercise is important for pregnant women, however, the practice must be accompanied by a professional. The tip is to consult a doctor at the beginning of pregnancy, to check the possibility of practicing physical activities and understand which best meets the needs of the pregnant woman.

The recommendation is to opt for lighter exercises, such as yoga, pilates, dances or short runs.

2. Take some types of vaccines

Vaccines such as BCG, MMR, mumps and measles are prohibited for pregnant women. This is because they contain the live virus in their composition, which can lead to malformation of the fetus, or, in more serious cases, to abortion.

For this reason, it is always necessary to consult a doctor to find out which vaccines to take during pregnancy.

3. Donate blood

When pregnant, it is normal for women to suffer from anemia. This condition is caused by the increased volume of blood plasma and changes in red blood cells, which occur to ensure the supply of nutrients for the healthy development and growth of the baby.

So, when donating blood, the pregnant woman’s body is obliged to replace nutrients and blood cells. However, sometimes this replacement is not immediate, which can harm the pregnant woman and the fetus.

4. Eat raw foods

Pregnant women tend to have low immunity, making the body unable to fight bacteria and infections that can cause food poisoning or reactions that can harm pregnancy. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the consumption of raw or undercooked foods.

5. Self-medicate

Self-medication should not be done by anyone, whether pregnant or not. But for pregnant women, there are medications that contain substances that can be harmful to the formation of the fetus.

Therefore, the tip is always to seek guidance from a doctor on which medication to take in certain cases and which should be avoided during pregnancy.

6. Drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy, even in small amounts, can harm the development of the fetus. This is because the alcohol present in these drinks is a toxic substance.

7. Consuming too much caffeine

Pregnant women should consume caffeine in moderation. The recommended consumption of coffee, for example, is about one or two cups of tea a day.

Excessive consumption of caffeine can increase the symptoms of heartburn, so common in pregnant women, even those who do not usually ingest the substance, whether through coffee, chocolate and teas.

8. Get a tattoo

Pregnant women cannot get a tattoo, because the procedure can cause the development of allergies, increasing the risk of hepatitis B and HIV, if the establishment does not follow safety and hygiene rules correctly.

The recommendation is for women to wait at least 40 days after giving birth to get a tattoo.

Important message: the content contained in this text is merely informative. So, in case of doubt, the best is always look for an obstetrician of your trust.

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