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Album will be released in São Paulo and then in Rio de Janeiro

Album will be released in São Paulo and then in Rio de Janeiro

A tape with 7 unreleased tracks from Escola de Samba Portela recorded in November 1959 has remained lost for the last 63 years. The material was found by members of the Instituto Glória ao Samba and, finally, will hit the streets this Saturday (18), in São Paulo. In an interview with iG Gente, Paulo Mathias, one of the members of the institution, revealed that the work, considered one of the rarest of samba schools in Brazil, was found by chance in a collection in São Paulo.

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“This was an album sought after not only by the members of Glória ao Samba, but also by most scholars, historians, researchers and record collectors linked to the samba universe. The tape was located by members of the IGS in 2017, by chance, in the collection of Selo Festa. It was the famous record that everyone had heard of but never listened to,” he explained.

Paulo says that the administrators of the collection were not aware of the tape and that the material found only had the name of the songs and the recording date. So, to everyone’s surprise, the content was discovered and the IGS took the initiative to release the material. “There was a licensing agreement with Selo Festa to be able to release the material on vinyl. That is, a format in which it should have been made in 1959, but it is not known why it ended up not being pressed”, said the journalist.

The disc was found without specifications other than the name of the songs and year of recording

The disc was found without specifications other than the name of the songs and year of recording

The album, which will be released in São Paulo this Saturday and, in the second semester, in Rio de Janeiro, was conceived preserving the audio captured at the time and the cover mentions the great samba albums released in the same period. The material is composed of 7 historical compositions. Among them, the unprecedented samba-enredo with which Portela was champion in 1958. This is the second record in LP in the history of Portela, which completes 100 years of foundation in 2023.

The journalist says that in addition to this finding, Glória ao Samba, made up of 22 researchers, collects a collection of historical content. “Today, Glória ao Samba has an invaluable collection of unpublished sambas from the most traditional samba schools in Rio. This material brings together, in addition to the sambas: photographs, written documentation, books, long plays (lp’s), 78 rpm records, sheet music, cassette tapes and testimonies of former sambistas”, he details.

Service – Launch: Escola de Samba Portela 1959

  • Saturday (18), at 7 pm
  • At the Adoniran Barbosa Room – São Paulo Cultural Center: Rua Vergueiro, 1000 – SP
  • Indicative rating: free
  • Tickets: BRL 15.00
  • Tickets will be available at the box office two hours before the performance. To remove them, you will need to present proof of Covid-19 vaccination (physical or digital), with at least two doses. There will be CD sales on site.

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