After killing, elephant gathered herd to destroy houses

One of the cases that shocked netizens was an elephant that killed a woman and trampled on the corpse during the wake. Days later, the animal returned and brought even greater damage.

Now, the Elephant decided to attack the village where his enemy lived and destroyed the house where she lived. The case took place in the state of Odisha, India. The information is from Kanak News.

It all started when Maya Murmu, the woman, was attacked by an elephant with serious injuries and despite being treated by doctors, she died. The body was released for the funeral and during the preparations, the animal came back and stomped on the corpse leaving everyone scared.

But no one would have guessed that there was more: the elephant made a sound to attract a herd and began an attack of serious proportions to the village of Raipal, targeting the house of its disaffected. The balance was that the property was totally destroyed, with some goats that were taken care of by Maya dead.

Other elephants ended up destroying houses near Maya’s and eating all the food in the village. The vengeful elephant, on the other hand, threw the woman’s body out of the coffin, which with the impact left her organs out.

People who were at the wake fled to save themselves from the fury of the animals and one of them hung from a tree at dawn to save his own life.


The local police report that the avenging elephant was lost from the sanctuary which is 200 kilometers from the village. The main hypothesis for such violence is that there is an increase in the number of industrial actions near the animal preservation areas: in 2021 alone, 42 animals were killed unnaturally.

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