After new fuel increase, Congress articulates billionaire package to freeze readjustments

After new fuel increase, Congress articulates billionaire package to freeze readjustments

Photo: Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil

In response to the new increase in fuel prices, the The National Congress is studying several legislative measures to try to contain the rise in prices in the future: the taxation of the profit of Petrobras shareholders, the creation of a fuel price stabilization fund and the granting of fuel aid to truck drivers and app drivers.

The package of measures to freeze new increases amounts to approximately R$ 50 billion.

Other proposals that are also on the radar of deputies and senators are breaking the state-owned company’s monopoly and the change in the company’s pricing policy, to extinguish parity with the dollar.

The taxation of shareholder profits was defended today by the President of the ChamberArthur Lira (PP-AL), in an interview with Globo News. He intends to approve a proposal to raise the Social Contribution on Net Incomewhich today is from 9% to up to 20%.

“We do not want chaos, but we are going to open this black box of Petrobras and hold this board and this president responsible for these acts of bad faith with the Brazilian people”said Lira.

The measure will be discussed at a meeting of leaders that is, a priori, scheduled for next Monday.

The other two proposals can be included in the Proposal for a Constitutional Amendment that releases the use of extraordinary resources to try to reduce the impact of fuel value. The text will be voted on next week by the Senate.

The stabilization fund intends to use Petrobras’ R$44.5 billion profit passed on to the Union in 2022 to contain the price increase. The idea is to freeze the new increases and use that money to reimburse the company for any losses.

Fuel support is another idea defended by deputies and senators. The proposal is to provide a voucher of R$ 300 for truck drivers, drivers and motorcyclists of applications and taxi drivers. The proposal was even included in the bill that established a ceiling of 17% for ICMS on fuel, through an amendment to the MDB.

Last week, the fuel voucher was rejected, but today the idea was once again defended by party leaders, as it was found. the antagonist. The measure would have a cost of R$ 3 billion to the public coffers.

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