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After several rumors about bad breath getting in the way of recordings, Sérgio Guizé detonates

Sérgio Guizé is one of the great actors of Globo, he had a remarkable role in several soap operas and also in participation in renowned films.

But a rumor consumed the actor’s patience. According to TV História, Sérgio Guizé would have had problems recording soap operas due to bad breath caused by cigarette consumption.

At the time, Leo Dias, in the newspaper ‘O Dia’, reported that Thiago Lacerda would have repudiated the smell that Sérgio Guizé would have appeared in the recordings, since according to the journalist, Thiago does not like the smell of cigarettes.

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Again during the recording of Êta Mundo Bom, Leo Dias again reported that in addition to the problems with cigarette odors, there were rumors that Guizé had refused to rehearse before recording the soap opera.

Sérgio Guizé acted in great soap operas of Globo (Disclosure)


Despite the information released by journalist Leo Dias, Sérgio Guizé at the time denied all the rumors and criticized the journalist’s action:

According to TV História, Guizé said: “That’s the least, after so much bad-mouthing about me, first to say, in other works that I don’t memorize text and now I’m so rookie and good that I don’t need to rehearse and write text (impossible to be happy alone) always starts your pseudo story with : it’s causing problems, the cast complains that they smoke, that they talk, they even talk about my breath”.

Sérgio Guizé then continued: “I have NEVER been in the same environment as this citizen, who uses bad faith to make money! This guy who works at the newspaper “o di” doesn’t follow the recordings at Globo studios, I don’t think he can, he’s not welcome, he has several lawsuits for slandering other artists, who most of the time is a fighter is running after the character to bring a little joy and reflection to those who are going to watch it”.

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