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Next Globoplay Original soap opera, “All Flowers” is already in production. 📺 Author of the leaflet, João Emanuel Carneiro returns to investing in a plot with dubious characters, enigmatic hooks, class struggle, social injustice, among other themes never seen before in his works, such as visual impairment, human trafficking and work analogous to slavery. The worlds of perfumery, fashion and samba will also be present in the plot, which has a bold and agile narrative.

With heavy names in the cast, such as Sophie Charlotte, Regina Casé, Letícia Colin, Fabio Assunção and Caio Castro and Ana Beatriz Nogueira, the feuilleton is a modern fairy tale, a contemporary thriller filled with stories of love, revenge and redemption.

Maira (Sophie Charlotte) was raised by her father in Pirenópolis, Goiás, believing that her mother had died. A lie her father told to protect his daughter from the scorn of her mother, who rejected her when she learned that her daughter was born with a disability. Many years later, Maíra comes across a stranger at her door. IT IS zoe (Regina Casé), his mother. Without revealing her true intentions, Zoé reappears asking her daughter’s forgiveness for abandoning her.

As in a dream that turns into a nightmare, Maíra experiences the strongest emotions of her life. The same day she finds out her mother is alive, her father dies. Not suspecting anything, Maíra leaves for Rio de Janeiro, where she will be used by her mother to guarantee the survival of her younger sister, Vanessa (Leticia Colin). And what would be a happy start with her family turns into a long and dangerous journey for Maíra.


As one of its main themes, “all flowers” brings new perspectives on the visually impaired on and off the screen. In the plot, there are characters such as the protagonist Maíra and her friends Gabriela and Márcio, with visual impairments, who will have their different stories revealed to the public. And behind the cameras, blind or low vision professionals, such as dancer and trainer Moira Braga; psychologist and educator Camila Alves; assistant director Nathália Santos; and audio operator Marcelo Edward enrich the work with their professional expertise and personal baggage.

Workshop for ‘All Flowers’, Globoplay’s next original soap opera, features testimonies from Guilherme Bara, Marcelo, Moira Braga and Nathalia Santos — Photo: Globo/Estevam Avellar

Last week, part of the team met for a workshop on people with disabilities at Estúdios Globo, given by consultant Guilherme Bara. In addition to the soap opera team, the cast was present, Regina Casé, Sophie Charlotte, Letícia Colin, Humberto Carrão, Caio Castro, Mumuzinho, among others. Guilherme clarified specific terms on the subject, the differences between blindness and low vision, spoke about the process of acceptance, inclusion and reiterated that disability is not disability. Subsequently, three professionals who are part of the soap opera – Nathália, Marcelo and Moira – took to the stage to share their own experiences, opening a conversation circle with the entire team. In addition to these professionals, the plot will feature blind actors in the center of Maíra and also with the participation of a guide dog. ‘All Flowers’ will feature audio description technology and will offer the soap opera with and without the feature, on Globoplay.

📅 With 85 chapters, the production will be divided into two parts. The first will be available between October and December 2022. The second, between April and June 2023with the release of chapters in weekly blocks, allowing the public to watch whenever and wherever they want.

The work also counts in its cast with Humberto Carrão, Mariana Nunes, Thalita Carauta, Cassio Gabus Mendes, Naruna Costa, among others.

All Flowers is created and written by João Emanuel Carneiro with artistic direction by Carlos Araujo. The work is written with Vincent Villari, Eliane Garcia and Daisy Chaves. The general direction is by André Câmara, with direction by Antônio Pilar, Carla Bohler, Fellipe Barbosa, Guilherme Azevedo and Oscar Francisco. The production is by Betina Paulon and the genre direction is by José Luiz Villamarim.

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