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After the Asian club informs the account to deposit the amount, Jô and Corinthians will have 45 days to settle the debt. If this does not occur, the striker will be banned from playing official games for up to six months, and Timão will be banned from registering players for three consecutive transfer windows.

During this period, it is possible that there will be a negotiation with Nagoya Grampus to reduce or split the amount to be paid.

Although the conviction took place in a lawsuit brought by the Japanese club against Jô, Corinthians is obliged to show solidarity in the action, since they hired the striker shortly after he left Nagoya. It’s as if Timão was the guarantor of this payment.

Jô passing through the Nagoya Grampus, from Japan — Photo: Getty Images

Sought to comment on the case through a press office, Corinthians reported that it “analyzes the next steps to reach a resolution”.

In an interview with ge last Monday, the club’s president, Duilio Monteiro Alves, said:

– It was an action against the athlete, not against Corinthians. The club was supportive in the action because it hired the athlete. He was sent away for just cause by a club, and then the other one who hires is called in? In my view, Corinthians has absolutely nothing to do with it.

– Let’s see if there will be condemnation, what will be the value, so it depends a lot on her to say who will assume what. But I don’t think it’s going to happen, because it doesn’t make any sense. Neither Jô, who was sent away for just cause, nor Corinthians – he added.

At 35 years old, Jô has been free on the market since last week, when he amicably terminated his contract with Corinthians. At first, the athlete intends to continue acting and does not consider retiring.

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This case has been dragging on for over a year. The first conviction took place in November 2020, and the CAS appeal was filed in 2021.

Why were Jô and Corinthians condemned?

The striker returned to Timão in June 2020, after two seasons in Japan.

Jô, however, had a link with Nagoya Grampus until the end of 2021 and, months before transferring to Corinthians, he had a disagreement with the Japanese. The club claims to have abandoned his job and, therefore, not only suspended payments to him from April, but also filed a lawsuit with FIFA asking for compensation for the remaining value of the contract until December.

Jô’s disagreement with Nagoya Grampus started in February 2020, when the player injured his left knee.

– Nagoya’s coach understood that Jô had to stay in Japan, even with the club away for pre-season. But the physiotherapists and doctors traveled with the team, they were out of the country. Jô understood that he would not recover well, he needed physiotherapy that would work and came to Brazil to be treated at Flamengo. He paid for the trip to have better treatment – explained Breno Tannuri, in an interview with gestill in 2020.

Weeks later, Jô returned to Japan with Cláudia, his wife, but was not included for the first two matches of the season. Subsequently, the local championship was suspended due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

Nagoya Grampus had released athletes to stay at home, but not to leave Japan. So, weeks later, Jô was notified by the club that his salary was suspended.

According to Jô’s lawyer, the striker responded to this notification and explained the reason for returning to Brazil. The allegations, however, were not enough to convince the Asians.

– He had to receive between the end of April and the beginning of May a bonus of 1 million dollars, foreseen in the contract. What happens is that, when he tells the translator, on a Thursday night, that he would return to Japan on Monday, the directors send a notification to Jô on May 2, saying that the contract was terminated. If he goes back to Japan, Nagoya would have to pay the salaries and those gloves of 1 million dollars – reveals Tannuri.

– He left his children in Brazil with their grandparents. But a “zum-zum-zum” began that foreigners could not leave Japan. When they said that the border would be closed, Jô said: “I need to go back”. That was in April. So, they returned to Rio de Janeiro – says the lawyer.

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Jô’s lawyer agrees that the striker could be punished for returning to Brazil, but claims that there was no justification for the breach of contract. Breno Tannuri says that the athlete did not miss training and there was no reason to be in such a hurry, since the local championship would only resume the following month.

After leaving Nagoya, Jô signed a three-and-a-half-year contract with Corinthians. Therefore, FIFA understands that the club has to be solidary and pay the compensation.

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