André Vasco talks about the burnout crisis and punching the wall

Presenter André Vasco, 37, shared with his followers on Instagram this afternoon the result of a burnout crisis: his arm in a cast after punching the wall.

“Me x wall. I’m going to expose one more weakness here. In order for you to take care of your mental health too. Accumulation of things, anxiety, sleep deprivation, work, work, stress, work, burnout? I had an outbreak and decided to take it out on the Yes, on the wall (I would never hurt anyone).

“Jokes aside, I thought a lot if I should write and expose this. I’m not proud at all, on the contrary, I’m ashamed of the big ones in reality. However, to my surprise, when I heard the doctor ask me the reason for my illustrious night visit, embarrassed, I confessed, and he said: this is becoming more and more common! “Then I need to talk about it,” he continued.

The presenter then makes an alert about the situation.

We cannot trivialize this. According to him (the doctor), many cases appear, and more and more. Attention, because he told me that many of the cases people punch the glass, window. Being able to lose sensitivity and even the movement of the hand, forever. André Vasco

“In action and reaction, here’s the tip, which I tell my children so much and I couldn’t put into practice this time: “smell the flower and blow the candle”. For us adults: “Breathe and don’t freak out”,” he continued.

In the end, the presenter of “Galera Esporte Clube” (RedeTV!) makes a request:

“Do therapy. Do sports. Relax. Turn off your cell phone. Take care. Be well”, he concludes.

In the comments, André received support and best wishes from friends and followers.

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