Antony case. Gabi Cavallin signs off with GR6: “Grateful for everything”

DJ Gabi Cavallin signed this Friday afternoon (17/6) the cancellation with GR6, one of the largest funk producers in the country. The agreement between the parties takes place after the LeoDias column reveals the affair between the Brazilian national team player, Antony, and the young woman, who is pregnant with the athlete. In the first-hand video obtained by our team, Gabi appears in the office of Rodrigo Oliveira, owner of the production company, and thanks him for the partnership.

“Everything is ok, everything is in peace, I will always remain very grateful for everything that GR6 has done for me in these years that I have stayed here. I’ve grown too much, and if it wasn’t for the GR6, I certainly wouldn’t be where I am. We end a contract today, but who knows, maybe in the future we’ll do another one, but for now, it’s better for everyone if I have time to take care of the baby. We will all remain friends, everything is fine”, emphasized the DJ.

Gabi Cavallin caused internal discomfort after commenting on the case without notifying the producer. She has been part of the production company since 2019, and has released several funk tracks under the GR6 label.

Consecrated names of national funk such as MC Teteu, MC Pedrinho and MC Hariel are produced by the company that is considered one of the largest in the segment in the country.

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