Bahian singer has Instagram profile taken down amid dispute with Maiara and Maraísa

In the midst of a legal dispute with the duo Maiara and Maraisa for the use of the name Patroa, the Bahian singer Daisy Soares, 39, had her Instagram profile taken down this Friday (17). Fans of the country duo celebrated the deletion of the profile. The information was confirmed to the CORREIO by the artist’s advice.

Daisy Soares had already reported that she was suffering attacks from fans of the duo after obtaining a ban on the use of the brand As Patroas by The Voice Kids techniques, which misused the brand created by Daisy in 2013.

The country duo did not comment on the decision. However, the singer Maraísa made a publication this Friday, on her Twitter profile, with the caption “History is already done”, with an image of the album recorded alongside Marília Mendonça, killed in a plane crash in November 2021. .

The singer of the band A Patroa declared in court that she had the same purpose as the sisters, which is to raise female power. In 2014, she filed for trademark ownership and managed to register the name A Patroa at the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) in 2017.

The information was disclosed firsthand by columnist Osmar Marrom, from the CORREIO, on Friday (10), from the text granted by judge Argemiro de Azevedo Dutra, from the 2nd Business Court of Salvador. The injunction determined that, if Maiara and Maraisa use the brand created with Marília Mendonça in any location, event, publicity, physical or virtual, they will have to pay about R$100 thousand in fine.

Daisy said that she got several meetings with the lawyers of Workshow, an office that takes care of the career of country singers. Despite the conversation, she never managed to reach an amicable settlement and, therefore, had to go to court to recover her official brand.

To the newspaper O Globo Daisy stated that she believed she would reach a “friendly solution” with the duo and the company Work Show. But she reported “that the dialogues were interrupted and those triggered began to increase the use of the author’s trademark, including publicity in the media of Projeto Patroas, performing musical presentations in the form of lives, making music available on various platforms, selling caps, t-shirts , tours, all to bring to the public the idea of ​​owning the Patroas brand, with the same logo and color font, stimulating female empowerment, along the lines of the author’s brand base”.

According to the magistrate, the defense of Maiara and Maraisa has a period of 15 working days, from the day of the decision, June 8, to present the case, which can be appealed. Publicly, they have not yet spoken.

The band A Patroa issued a statement on its Instagram page this Monday commenting on the issue.

“The project of the band A Patroa started with the idea of ​​showing female empowerment. A strong brand, with strong women in the front line like the singer Daisy Soares and Paulinha on the guitar”, says the note. “A Patroa appeared in 2013 and has already performed in most of the cities of Bahia and in São João do Pelô. Winner of the revelation singer trophy in 2019 of São João in Bahia, A Patroa brings a current repertoire and reinterpretations of the classics of the old lining , conquering all audiences wherever it goes”.

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